Is Height Difference In Couples Important?

The median height for an American woman is about 5 feet and 3 inches. That is about 5 and a half inches shorter than a man. But it is also worth noting that this height difference phenomenon between males and females can be noticed in every country around the world. Whether it’s the Czech Republic or Russia – a huge difference can be noticed in every country.  But even though height can vary in several countries, the question of the optimal height difference between man and woman remains unanswered.

According to social scientists, if a man using an online dating portal registers himself as tall, he has a higher chance of finding the love of his life. According to researchers, women have constantly said that they prefer taller men, on the other hand, men tend to find shorter women more attractive. A study in 2005 showed that women who were as tall as 6’3 received 40% less messages on online dating platforms ,than women who had an average height.

Using the Scale to See Height Differences

Since the scale gives you a pictorial representation of a real life scenario, it is the perfect tool for understanding the height difference between two people. Even though the height difference between men and women is usually the defining factor between the two bodies, intellectual capabilities don’t usually differ. Men are taller than women on the whole, but different textbooks in different academic systems give varying explanations.

Charles Darwin stated in his book The Descent of a Man, “There can be little doubt that the greater size and strength of man, in comparison with woman, together with his broader shoulders, more developed muscles, rugged outline of body, his greater courage and pugnacity … have been preserved or even augmented during the long ages of man’s savagery, by the success of the strongest and boldest men, both in the general struggle for life and in their contests for wives.”

However, understanding the height difference between two individuals can be beneficial in a lot of situations. If you’re trying to settle an argument with a friend who is claiming that a tall woman can be broader than a shorter man – you can finally do that with our scale’s help!

Is evolution the reason for the height difference in couples?

But even though people like Darwin have continuously claimed that we have evolution to thank for this huge height difference between men and women, scientists say something else. According to scientists, just because it has been considered socially desirable for man to be taller than a woman – the difference between the two genders has stayed consistent.

Because of the social expectation that demands men to be taller than women, men constantly try to stay tall. Whether it’s good nutrition, plenty of exercise, or playing basketball – men focus on their stature a lot more than females. Hence, the collective effort of a gender has resulted in men being taller than women.  

This hard work to stay tall then pays them back. While taller men get better jobs, short men on average tend to marry women who are not well-educated.