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Set the height comparison tool

We hope that the height comparison, that we have offer, do not need any introduction. However, if needed, please start with selecting the figures you want to compare. It is quite easy with the dropdown menu and we have a few different figures to choose from.

Even though the height comparison tool solves a complex problem for most people, using it is relatively simple. Above, you’re going to see two figures. One will be of a female, and the other will be of a male. There will also be a plus sign besides the female figure so you can compare three different heights.

Below every figure, you can choose which gender or age group you are comparing. The different choices you have are:

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Girl
  • Boy

For every different choice, there’s a different figure. Once you’ve selected the gender and the age group, you can select the height for both of the figures. You can either input the height in different units like:

  • Inches
  • Feet and inches
  • Centimeters

Or, you can also change the height with a drag bar. The maximum height you can input is 7 feet and 2.61 inches, while the minimum height you can input is 4 feet and 7.12 inches. Once you’ve put in the numbers for the height, the website will give you a pictorial representation of what two people might look like if they were in the same scenario.

Setting the scale

The scale is what has the most impact on the visual height difference. If you are from the US it is most common to use the Imperial System of Measurement. If you are from other parts of the world, the Metric System of Measurement is commonly used. But do not worry – our height comparison tool uses both.

If you know the feet and inches best – use that. If you need the numbers in meters and centimeters. Please use that as well. We even have calculated the difference between, so you alsohave the possibility to use feet and inches on one figure and compare it to another figure in meters and centimeters.

Use the height comparison tool to real paper cut-outs

Are you an artist that need the dimensions to draw or paint? No problem. With our download option, you can insert your figures and resize the shapes as needed and then download the image and print it out. The height dimensions will be spot on, so the rabbit looks like a true rapid compared to the human beside it.

Download and set the printer to print out the height comparison and the next picture will (almost) paint it self. All you need is to choose the figure you want and insert the dimensions you know. Remember the difference in where the figures are set to each other, so figure closest are larger and the figure from afar is smaller.

Comparing heights of celebrities

Humans have constant tendency to compare themselves to each other. Research has repeatedly shown men in particular have the urge to compare their height with their friends and even strangers on average 3 times a day. For some people, this can be an obsession. Research has also shown that in a certain height bracket can compare height with other a lot more often than people, for men, this bracket is between 5’8 and 5’10.

Males within this height range can compare their height with other people up to 23 times a day. For this bracket, height is a very sensitive issue. That is because this height bracket is just under the average height for a man. This is also why these men compare themselves with famous celebrities, too.

Here are some famous celebrity heights for you to use in the height comparison tool.

2′ 8″Verne Troyer
3′ 4″Emmanuel Lewis
4′ 2″Matthew Roloff
4′ 3″Zelda Rubinstein
4′ 3″Mighty Mike Murga
4′ 6″Jason Acuña
4′ 8″Gary Coleman
4′ 9″Linda Hunt
4′ 11″Lil’ Kim
5′ 0″Danny DeVito
5′ 1″Janeane Garofalo
5′ 2″Paul Williams
5′ 2″Paula Abdul
5′ 2½”Dudley Moore
5′ 2½”Julia Louis-Dreyfus
5′ 3″Prince
5′ 3″Ashley Olsen
5′ 4″Rachel Bilson
5′ 4″Seth Green
5′ 4½”Raven Symoné
5′ 5″Michael J. Fox
5′ 5″Jennifer Aniston
5′ 6″Elijah Wood
5′ 6″Penélope Cruz
5′ 6½”Henry Winkler
5′ 6½”Farrah Fawcett
5′ 7″Oprah Winfrey
5′ 7″Tom Cruise
5′ 7½”Sandra Bullock
5′ 8″Ben Stiller
5′ 8″Angelina Jolie
5′ 8½”Don Cheadle
5′ 8½”Catherine Zeta-Jones
5′ 9″Paul Newman
5′ 9″Joan Cusack
5′ 9½”Matt Damon
5′ 9½”Heidi Klum
5′ 10″Colin Farrell
5′ 10″Katie Holmes
5′ 10½”Nicole Kidman
5′ 11″George Clooney
5′ 11″Gisele Bundchen
5′ 11½”Brad Pitt
6′ 0″Denzel Washington
6′ 0″Geena Davis

There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.

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