How to be happy with your height?

Are you the height you’d like to be? Many people wish they were either taller or shorter, and consider themselves unlucky in their height. But every stature has its advantages, so if you’re unhappy with yours, look at it afresh, from a positive viewpoint, and you’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable with your natural build. Here’s a list of plus-points for different body heights from small to tall. Pick out the ones that apply to you and start rejoicing in them.

Advantages of being short

If you’re short, you probably have a neat, compact body, compared with a tall person. That will help you look smart and tidy, and perhaps add an air of decisiveness and assuredness to your movements. Your low stature may also impact positively on your energy levels and agility, giving you extra bounce and vivacity. It can be very convenient to be small, too. You can fit yourself into small spaces, such as tightly packed seats with limited legroom. Your size may also be to your advantage in various sports, such as potholing, horse riding, and gymnastics. Some short men feel awkward about dating taller women, but you only have to look around you to see that height has little to do with physical attraction, either for men or women.

Advantages of being tall

A tall person can attract attention by standing out above those around them. They can also show off their figure with ease, and their long legs and back often produce an elegant, dignified or striking stance. A tall stature also tends to convey authority, which can be convenient at times.  On a practical level, it’s handy to be able to reach up high and to take long strides. Long legs are an asset for hiking, long-distance running, and various sports. As a bonus, tall people tend to need more food than short ones, making an ideal excuse for big meals.

Advantages of being standard height

If your height is average, you’ll have an easy time when it comes to buying clothes, particularly if you’re slim, too. You’ll be an ideal fit for furniture, work surfaces, vehicles, and facilities, wherever you go. There are also social advantages to being the same sort of height as most people. Your eyes will be on a standard level – an asset for communication, and your walking pace is likely to tie in with those of your friends. For a bashful person, it’s helpful to be able to blend in with the crowd, height-wise, rather than standing out as smaller or taller. If you want to stand out, though, there are plenty of other ways to do so, like through your behavior or clothing.

Your height is part of your natural make-up and goes hand-in-hand with your personality, so take pride in it, and in your body as a whole. You inherited your stature from your ancestors, and it is your privilege to carry the characteristic forward, so walk tall, whatever your height.