According to experts, the waist-to-height indicator is one of the best ways a person can measure the cardiovascular risk in their body. To make sure your health remains perfect the goal you should be aiming for is 0.5. Make sure that the circumference of your waist is less than half of your height.

The table below can give you a more accurate estimate of where you stand.

0.4It’s possible you’re too thin
0.45-0.5Perfect! This is what you should be aiming for
0.55-0.6Things can be better. This means that your waist has an unhealthy amount of fat. But you don’t have to worry! You can change this by eating healthier foods. Focus on a diet that contains whole foods and you can also help your cause by exercising. However, if the value is close to 0.6, your body might have a lack of testosterone and you should immediately see your doctor for this.
>0.6Alarm bells! The fat that is around your waist is starting to damage your health and it is shortening life expectancy with every passing day. You must start exercising soon and give yourself a healthy diet. This can also mean that you have a deficiency of testosterone and you should visit your doctor to get your testosterone levels checked.

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