When it comes to the herbs that support the growth of the body’s tissues, it is Ashwagandha that you will find among the top names of the list. This herb is revered for its natural medicinal properties that range from its regenerative, restorative, and antioxidant effects.

It is the regenerative property of ashwagandha that is of prime importance while we are analyzing the benefits of this herb for increasing the height of a person.

The use of this herb is common in most countries, especially in India, for supporting growth spurts and overall fitness. It is also believed to help increase height, when used by children.

If you are eager to find out whether ashwagandha can actually be useful for speeding up the growth of your kids and helping them grow taller, keep reading.

We will have a look at the natural therapeutic potential of this herb and see whether it can help to increase the height. We will also discuss the various mechanisms by which ashwagandha can act to help your child grow taller. Let’s begin with learning what ashwagandha is.

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a powerful herbal remedy commonly used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine that originated in India. The botanical name of this herb is Withania Somnifera.

Ashwagandha possesses a multitude of medicinal properties that make this herb a perfect natural way for managing several acute and chronic ailments. [1]

Ashwagandha is a woody shrub belonging to the family, Solanaceae. It is a small plant that grows to about two to two and a half feet in height. This plant grows extensively in India and some parts of the Africa and Mediterranean regions. The wide habitat of this plant has provided it with a unique range of characteristics in terms of its appearances as well as the medicinal ingredients it possesses.

Ashwagandha is revered for its rejuvenative properties. It has been used in India as a daily tonic for several centuries. But, it is only now that the evidence-trusting humans of today’s generation have come to accept the rich medicinal value of this herb, thanks to the burst in research studies in the medical field.

This wonder-plant from the kitty of mother nature embodies the prime essence of the restorative, preventative, and curative approach to health. It is believed to operate at a cellular level from where its curative powers are believed to emanate and spread to all parts of the body for maintaining balance in the physiological processes running within us.

The ability of this herb to stimulate the regeneration of cells, its nutritional profile, and its ability to prevent oxidative stress and inflammation might help to promote the growth processes and increase the height of children.

Here is a detailed discussion about whether these properties of Ashwagandha can actually provide any benefits for those looking to increase their height. We will also check how to choose Ashwagandha supplements and in which specific cases it could work effectively as a growth stimulant.

A little bit of interesting information….

Do you know where exactly are the powers of Ashwagandha hidden in its plant? The answer is in its roots! Yes, it is the roots of Ashwagandha that harbor its therapeutical and preventive properties.

Also, the name of this herb, Ashwagandha, itself, is a kind of proof of its medicinal powers.  The term ‘Ashwa’ means a horse and ‘Gandha’ means smell. Hence, the word ‘Ashwagandha’ means ‘the smell of a horse’.

It indicates that a person using Ashwagandha would be able to achieve a similar level of strength and vigor that a stallion possesses. It is suggestive of the remarkable ability of Ashwagandha to improve your energy levels, overall health, and vitality.

If this has got you excited, let’s move ahead quickly and check whether the medicinal qualities of Ashwagandha could actually speed up the growth and increase the height of children.

The medicinal properties of Ashwagandha that can be effective for increasing height

The impressive nutritional profile

The nutritional intake of your child can affect his growth to a great extent. It is advisable to increase the calcium content in your child’s diet to help him grow taller.

The use of Ashwagandha might be helpful in this regard as this herb possesses a rich calcium content. Studies have revealed that Ashwagandha has the ability to prevent the loss of bone density that occurs due to osteoporosis in elderly women.

This property of Ashwagandha could also be effective for improving the bone density of children allowing the bones to grow faster.

Research studies have revealed that the extracts of the roots of Withania somnifera contain estrogen-like compounds called withanolides that can stimulate anti-osteoporotic activities. It might prevent the loss of bone density and make the bones stronger thereby accelerating the growth of children. [2]

Moreover, this herb also contains other nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin B5 that could improve his overall wellbeing.

Ashwagandha has shown the ability to support the inhibition-based enhancement of bone mineralization. The bioactive molecules in Ashwagandha might enable faster proliferation and differentiation of pre-osteoblasts that later mature into bone-forming cells called osteoblasts.

The increased number of osteoblasts might stimulate the bone formation processes causing a higher number of new cells to be formed in the tissues thus making the bones longer in size. [3]

This effect of Ashwagandha could be effective in increasing the height of children.

Boosts energy levels

Have you ever observed that your child avoids physical activities or lags behind when others are indulging in competitive sports?

If yes, it could be due to fatigue and low energy levels!

If your child is not playful enough like other kids of his age, what he needs is a boost of energy. And this is important not just for making him feel energetic or improving his physical performance, but also for increasing his height.

Children who avoid physical activities tend to grow slower than children who are active.

Physical activities can challenge the bone tissues and muscle fibers causing them to grow faster. The minor injuries and small tears that occur in muscle fibers while playing can also stimulate the process of regeneration causing more bone cells and muscle fibers to be formed within the tissues.

This is how; physical activities can play a role in improving your child’s height.

But, if your kid shows no interest in sports or prefers to sit around watching others play, you can consider giving him Ashwagandha supplements.

Studies have shown that Ashwagandha has the potential to boost energy levels. This powerful herb can make your child as energetic as a horse riding through a challenging terrain!

Studies have suggested that Ashwagandha might produce a favorable impact on certain processes in the cells and tissues that lead to a release of a large amount of energy. This energy can be used by the body as a source of fuel to support physical activities. 

The regular use of Ashwagandha would help your child perform all his routine activities with ease. It would help him feel fresh and energetic throughout the day and prevent fatigue and weakness. [4]

Most impotently, it will encourage him to play sports for a longer duration. It might also help him to exercise for longer.

The increased physical activities and playing sports like badminton, tennis, cycling, and basketball could bring about a favorable impact on his growth thus increasing his height.

Reduces anxiety and Stress

This may seem to be a trivial issue. But, studies have confirmed that poor emotional health can affect the growth of children.

Research studies have indicated that mental stress can activate the central and peripheral components of the body’s stress system, including the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the sympathetic/arousal system. Inappropriate or inadequate responsiveness of the stress system may also impair the growth and development. [5]

Moreover, impaired bone growth is commonly observed in children exposed to stress. It is believed that poor emotional health may affect the activities of the growth plate in the bones due to which the child may grow to be shorter in height. [6]

If your child seems to be stressed out due to reasons like the expectations to excel in academics, peer pressure, and so on, he might be at risk of slower growth.

You can help your child gain freedom from these negative emotions by giving him ashwagandha. Adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha can provide significant relief from stress and anxiety.

An adaptogen is a substance that has the ability to help a person adapt to any stressful situation. The stress-relieving, adaptogenic properties of Ashwagandha have been proven in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research.

In this study, the participants with a history of stress were administered a high concentration of the extracts of the Ashwagandha root. They exhibited a significant reduction in the scores of ALL the parameters for stress-assessment. [7]

These benefits of Ashwagandha have also been confirmed by another research aimed at assessing the ability of this herb to reduce the effect of hectic or stressful lifestyle on the health of patients. It showed that Ashwagandha could act as an adaptogen and reduce stress and anxiety.

These benefits of Ashwagandha would allow your child to avoid the impact of poor emotional health on his growth and restore normal regenerative and bone formation processes in his body.

Moreover, this study also showed that Ashwagandha can act as a rejuvenating herb and possesses nervine tonic properties. It can produce more energy, helps the body feel calm, and enables the person to sleep well. [8]

This suggests that Ashwagandha can play a dual role of allowing your child to stay energetic all day long while also ensuring he can sleep well at night.

This unique action of Ashwagandha would help your child stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. So, he would be able to exercise for a longer duration and avoid stress, both of which would create a favourable impact on his height.

The sleep-promoting effect of Ashwagandha would activate the body’s repair processes that occur more efficiently at night while we are sleeping. So, the use of Ashwagandha would also repair the damaged muscle and bones or any inflamed tissues thus restoring optimum growth and regeneration.

Improves testosterone levels

Ashwagandha supplements have been found to produce a powerful effect on the testosterone levels of young boys at puberty and adult men. [9] [10]

The increase in the production of testosterone might lead to an increase in their adult height.

Hence, if you are worried about the growth of your son, you can consider giving him ashwagandha supplements. It would stimulate testosterone secretion in his body and enable faster growth and bring about an improvement in his total height.

Increases muscle mass

Research studies have shown that ashwagandha might improve body composition and increase muscle strength significantly. [11] [12]

In one study aimed at determining an effective and safe dosage of ashwagandha has revealed that healthy men who take 750 to 1250 mg of ashwagandha per day are able to gain significant muscle mass and strength. [13]

This suggests that the use of Ashwagandha supplements might be useful for kids who want to grow longer and bigger muscles. It would improve their ability to perform exercises that increase height and even help them grow taller directly by increasing the size of muscle fibres.

Improves immunity

If your child is suffering from immunological dysfunctions that might affect his growth, you can try giving him Ashwagandha supplements.

Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis might reduce your child’s growth by creating disruptions in the balance of hormones such as T3, T4, and TSH.

The imbalances in these hormones may affect the secretion of growth hormones due to which your child may grow to be shorter. 

Ashwagandha might protect your child from diseases linked to weak or faulty immunity and minimize the impact of immunological dysfunctions on his growth and height. This herb would strengthen the normal functions of the immune system and regulate the response of the immune cells thereby preventing immunological disruptions responsible for causing hormonal imbalances and affecting growth. [14]

How to use Ashwagandha in your daily life?

The use of Ashwagandha in the form of supplements could offer an easy and effective way to increase the height of your child.

Ashwagandha supplements are available in the forms of capsules, powders, tablets, tonics, and extracts. These supplements are incredibly safe and not known to cause any serious side effects.

If you want to choose the best Ashwagandha supplement for your child to help him grow taller, you need to follow certain tips as given below:

  • Ashwagandha supplements are available in the form of extracts as well as powders. While both of these forms possess potent medicinal powers of the herb, a pure extract is often considered superior to the powder as the extracts are usually standardized and so, help you know the exact percentage of the specific compounds present in them.

Most root powders of Ashwagandha are not standardized and hence, the results may vary. 

So, if you are looking for Ashwagandha supplements specifically for increasing the height of your child, it would be best to choose the extracts over the powders.

Also, if your child is younger than 5 years, it might be more convenient to use Ashwagandha tonics or syrups. This would make it more convenient for your child to take the doses of the supplement.

  • It is always preferable to choose supplements that are Organic-Certified by a third-party body. This would assure you that the purely organic nature of the supplement has been validated by an authentic source.

The Organic Certified supplements are safer as they are devoid of artificial ingredients like pesticides, insecticides, fillers, binders, and additives.

  • The supplements you choose should have a higher level of Withanolides and very less of Withaferin A.

Withanolides are critical constituents of Ashwagandha as they serve as important hormone precursors. This means these compounds can be easily converted into the natural hormones your body needs.

So, a supplement having a high level of Withanolides could be a mark of its higher effectiveness and better results.

However, while Withanolides are good for your health, there is one Withanolide that could be harmful to the body. Withaferin A, one of the compounds in Ashwagandha, has been found to be toxic to the cells and tissue.

Supplements prepared by using the leaves Ashwagandha usually have a higher Withaferin A content. This is why; while choosing Ashwagandha supplements, choose one having a low level of Withaferin A or simply opt for those derived from the roots of the plants and not the leaves.

  • Also, some studies have shown that the medicinal properties of Ashwagandha tend to be more effective when the root extracts of the herb are used. So, it makes sense to use supplements made from the roots to ensure better results and higher safety.

The limitations of Ashwagandha as a height-increasing herb

While there are no doubts about the regenerative and restorative powers of Ashwagandha, it would be wrong to assume that this herb can bring about a huge change in the height of children.

Ashwagandha would only stimulate the child’s growth to some extent and possibly increase the height by a few inches. You may expect a child to be slightly taller than he would be based on his parent’s height alone, provided he uses Ashwagandha regularly for a longer duration during his growth years.

Also, using Ashwagandha may not provide any benefits to those who have already crossed their growth years and have attained adult height. Because after a certain age, the growth plates in the bones no longer help to increase the vertical length of the bone tissues.

So, once the bone structures are consolidated, the person stops growing in height.

Hence, Ashwagandha would not show any results for height improvement in adults. However, adults may still use this herb to enjoy its other medicinal benefits like reduced risk of cancer and hypertension and improved cognitive functions like memory.


If you are worried about the growth of your child and would like him to grow a few inches taller, you may try giving him Ashwagandha supplements.

The supplements have to be used regularly over several months to years to derive noticeable results. Also, it is worth mentioning that herbs like Ashwagandha have limitations to by how much they can increase the height.

It would be wrong to assume that the use of herbal supplements would help your child grow very tall.

The major factor that determines the height of children is the genes or the heights of parents. So, Ashwagandha will bring in only a few inches of difference to the height of a child.

The use of Ashwagandha must be combined with other efforts such as eating a nutritious diet rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamin D to derive better results. You can also encourage your child to play sports like badminton, cycling, and swimming that can stretch out the bone and muscle tissues and stimulate growth thus increasing the height further.

It is the combined efforts that include the use of Ashwagandha, a healthy diet, and exercises that can allow your child to be taller than using Ashwagandha alone.


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