If you are short and unhappy about how your height is affecting your appearance and personality, here is some information that will change your perspective.

Height is considered one of the factors that can influence your risk of developing heart diseases and those who are short have a clear advantage here.

What does research say?

Research studies have shown that people who are shorter in height could have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases than those who are taller. Numerous studies have revelated this correlation between cardiovascular diseases and height. [9]

Lower valvular abnormalities in short people

When taller people are compared to shorter people, several biological mechanisms evolve that favor shorter people. Some of these include reduced risk of atrial fibrillation, and higher efficiency of heart pumping.

This means people with a short height are less likely to develop heart diseases linked to valvular abnormalities. They are more likely to have efficiently functioning arterial vales due to which their risk of atrial fibrillation would reduce considerably.

The effect of heart pumping

At the same time, the higher efficiency of heart pumping in short people can protect them against the backflow of blood into the ventricles and atrium. This means the efficient heart functions can allow the blood to be pumped out of the ventricles at each beat smoothly.

This would prevent the excessive accumulation of blood into the ventricles at the time ventricles have relaxed or stopped contracting. This can prevent the backflow of the excess blood into the atrium thereby reducing the risk of congestive cardiac failure (CCF).

It should be noted that CCF basically occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood resulting in the backward flow of blood instead of forward creating more strain on the heart muscles.

Short people have a lower risk of CCF as their heart can pump more blood with each beat.  

They also have a lower risk of abnormal blood clotting and left ventricular hypertrophy. Healthier blood parameters are some other favorable variations observed in shorter people.

However, it is very important to note that the incidence of heart diseases has been rising at an alarming rate even in shorter people, especially in the developed world.

This risk could be linked to factors such as excessive weight gain, poor dietary habits, and lifestyle factors.

Hence, while being short does offer some amount of protection to short people, this shield or protective barrier is not strong enough to be able to protect your heart against the impact of unhealthy habits.

It is still important for short people to maintain a healthy weight, eat a nutritious diet, avoid smoking, and exercise regularly to maintain healthy heart functions, and prevent heart diseases. [10]


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