Even though a tall height is generally appreciated and admired according to societal beautification standards, a height too tall can have some impact of its own as well. Through adolescence, childhood and all the way up to our early twenties our height continues to grow. It is only during middle age that our body begins to shrink because our spine starts to compress and we actually get shorter.

According to experts, humans usually lose about 0.8 to 1.6 inches of their height in their adulthood. The height you have is mostly determined by the genetics you have and to put it simply – there is no way of making yourself shorter. However, you must also accept that your height and your appearance are your identities. People use these qualities to identify you and you won’t gain anything by losing a few inches.

Several people grow well above the average generally accepted height and they manage to lead normal and happy lives. Accepting how tall or how short you are can be hard for many people since height is one of those factors about our body that we minimal control over. According to experts whenever a human is born, they have a maximum potential height that they can reach. This potential height depends completely on their genes and their DNA.

However, some of the secondary factors your height can depend on are the amount of nutrition you take and the diet you consume. These secondary factors often change the way your body grows and people end up becoming extra tall or extra short. To understand this phenomenon completely, let’s understand some of the basic factors that control your height.

Is it Possible to Get Shorter?

There’s no possible way of making yourself short intentionally. The long bones that are in your arms, legs and the length of your spine will always stay the same length throughout your life and hoping for a miracle to happen won’t be a wise strategy. When people mostly get shorter because of age-related complications, it’s mostly because the discs between your vertebrae start to compress.

These compressions can also cause usual fluctuations in your height every day, but it is only when we turn old that these changes become permanent. If your body reacts to these changes like the body of most humans, you’ll be an inch taller every time you wake up. By the time you go back to sleep, your body will go back to normal.

But for most people, this change can often be close to half an inch. But with that being said, a bone-shortening operation is an option, but no one ever gets this surgery because they want to get shorter. This option is mostly only taken when a person wants to balance the length of their two legs.

Can Exercises Help Me Get Shorter?

According to many people, lifting weights when you’re very young can stunt the growth of your body but there is no evidence that can prove if this is true. Following an appropriately designed exercise routine can help make your bones stronger and you can protect your joints from injuries, too.

Even though you won’t stunt your growth by lifting heavy weights, training with weights that are too heavy for you to lift and lifting weights with improper technique can damage the growth plates in your body. The growth plates in our body are the softer elements of our longer bones. Our bones essentially grow from growth plates.

It is also worth mentioning that getting your growth plates injured while you’re lifting weights is pretty common. Fifteen to thirty percent of all fractures that get children injured affect their growth plates. But if the person receives appropriate treatment, there aren’t many chances they’ll have a serious problem.   

Here’s How You Can Look Shorter

Even there is no definite way of making yourself look short; there are many ways you can deceive people by giving an illusion that you are short. Essentially, the clothes and the shoes you wear play a huge role in making you look shorter even if you’re actually tall. Generally, try wearing clothes that are oversized and add volume to your figure.

According to some people, wearing clothes with horizontal stripes can make you look wider and that a vertically striped shirt can make you seem taller. However, according to research, the opposite has proven to be true.

  • Wear flat shoes. The shoes we wear have heels that can make us look even more taller than we actually are. If you’re trying to get shorter – wear clothes with flat heels.
  • You can also carry a large purse that can make you look smaller in comparison.

Wrapping Up

Even though it is biologically impossible to get shorter and lose inches of your height, there are two ways you can deal with this situation.

  1. Acceptance
  2. Intelligent dressing

Tall or short – appearances seldom matter when your personality can shine!


I am a doctor and working as a research based Medical Writer and Editor for more than 8 years. Passion for writing and an excellent medical background are my strong points. I love to combine my two passions into a profession wherein I can write professional articles in the field of medicine, health, and nutrition.​