Stroke refers to a condition that occurs due to the interruptions in the blood supply to a part of the brain. As a result, the cells in the affected part die or stop functioning.

This may lead to the loss of functions and activities of those parts of the body that are regulated by the affected part of the brain tissues. Patients may develop paralysis or loss of sensory and motor functions in the legs or hands or both on one or both sides.

Hypertension is one of the risk factors for stroke as a sudden rise in blood pressure may cause the artery in the brain to burst leading to the loss of blood supply.

Stroke can also occur due to the formation of abnormal blood clots in the arteries due to which the blood flow to the brain is blocked.

Stroke and the geographical differences in heights

Geographical differences in the risk of mortality linked to cerebrovascular stroke are not fully explored with respect to the variations in blood pressure. Some studies have indicated that height could be a sensitive marker for the variation in the socioeconomic conditions across different geographical differences and thus, could be a factor influencing the risk of stroke.

This study assessed the clinical variations in a large number of patients who have had a stroke. It was found that the incidence of stroke was inversely related to the height of a person in a rather dose-response manner.

It showed that for each 5-cm increase in height, the risk of stroke was reduced by 25% in women and 18% in men.

These results indicate that the factors influencing early growth including the geographical location of the person could contribute to the risk of stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases in adult age. [7]

Inverse relationship between stroke and height

Another study has also reported the inverse relationship between cardiovascular diseases and height. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of short height on the risk of stroke and coronary heart diseases. It also aimed to evaluate the mortality based on the height of a person.

The results of this study have indicated that shorter people might have a substantially lower risk of mortality due to coronary heart diseases and a moderately lower level of mortality due to stroke. [8]



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