The science behind this bold claim seems unclear – but what exactly is the truth?

Since nobody knows where this rumor comes from – we aren’t exactly sure. Nobody has been able to prove if milk helped them in growing taller because your genetics play a massive role in the height you have. Some other factors that alsoaffect your height are:

  • Having enough to eat as a child
  • Avoiding any diseases that decrease the speed of your growth
  • The physical exercise you perform

When scientists discuss the phenomenon of human height, they often use the term “potential height.” An individual’s potential height is the height their body can achieve if nothing goes wrong. So if this is the situation, milk can only help you reach the height you can potentially achieve. You can’t exceed your limits.

But don’t think that milk doesn’t have any advantages! Quite literally, milk only has advantages for humans who aren’t lactose intolerant. It’s rich in calories, protein and is also very affordable! But quite literally, there is no such proof to clarify that milk can make you taller. It can, however, be useful to make sure you get all proteins you need to get through your day.

That is why in this article, we’ll be exploring potential ways you can get taller. How truthful and logically sound are these claims?

Let’s find out.

Does Running Make You Taller?

Two Guys Running

Short people often get insecure about their height, which contributes to their lack of confidence. Luckily for them, another myth surrounding the ways you can get taller is running. Besides the numerous activities that can contribute towards you growing taller, one of them is running.

Research has shown that apart from having benefits for your cardiovascular system, running increases your chances of growing taller. But how does this happen?

HGH Levels

Research has shown that running frequently can give your body an HGH boost. The HGH hormone is responsible for our body’s growth. It makes our bones thicker, which increases our height. Running, quite literally increases our body’s HGH levels. This means the more of HGH you have, the taller you can grow. 


When people exercise for longer periods of time, whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or running, your bones can get microfractures. These microfractures don’t hurt that much, and they usually happen in the lower ankle area of a runner. Once these microfractures start to stretch out, they are repaired and ossified.

The stretching of these fractures brings gradual changes in your height. Because of running, the healing process of these fractures can be quick. Due to running, our bones are frequently adapting to added pressure, so you can expect a minimal increase every six months. This solely happens because your bones are stronger and longer.

Better Posture

The physiological impacts of running can help increase your height, too. Running improves your posture, which relaxes your shoulders. Your muscles are de-stressed, and you straighten your chin. When you run with the right posture, you can stretch your spine, which increases your height.

Does Basketball Make You Taller?


According to several myths, basketball is one of the most popular ways you can get taller – but is there any truth to this bold claim?

The average height of a basketball player in the NBA is 6’7. That is way taller than the average height of an American. Even though there are not many studies that can prove you can get taller by playing basketball, scientists think that the acrobatic movements in the game can contribute to an individual’s above average height.

These rapid movements of strength increase our body’s blood pressure, which, in turn, give more blood to our spine. This process stimulates the growth process in our body, and according to some scientists – this makes you taller.      

But then again, there are also several examples of players who played basketball their whole life but still stayed at an average height. This means that their growth was either hindered by their genes or the diet they consumed. Which brings us back to square one – it truly is all about your genes.

Consider this – games like basketball or volleyball are heavily influenced by an individual’s height. There are no two opinions about the fact that taller players are generally better basketball players. Since they do so well at the sport because of their height – they continue playing.

Because of this reason, several basketball players are tall. The game is designed to benefit the tallest. They didn’t get tall while playing; they started playing because they were tall.

Does Exercise Make You Taller?

According to several experts in the field, exercising is one of those tried and tested ways you can get taller. But there are several other factors that work against this phenomenon, which limit an individual from reaching their highest potential height. Combating these negative influences can be tough, but it is not impossible.

Exercising is one of the most effective ways a person can change the speed of their growth. If that isn’t enough, you can speed up your growth by taking a few protein shakes that help your muscles recover quicker, and you can also get taller a lot quicker.

Here are a few exercises you can do, which can increase height.


Hanging is when you literally hang from a metal rod by grabbing it. This exercise stretches your muscles and your spine, which can lead to an increase in height over time. But with any exercise, consistency is vital. Even if you don’t have a pull-up bar around your house, you can hang on a tree branch or anything you can grab that is taller than you.

If you want to take this exercise up a notch, try doing some pull-ups. This helps you develop core strength, and you can also grow taller while you’re at it.

Does Jumping Make You Taller?

Jumping is tried by people who will do just about anything to increase height. But is it one of the ways you can get taller? Well, according to science – no, it isn’t. By the time we reach 18, our bones have partially ossified. This process continues until we reach the age of 25, and by that point, there is no chance our height can increase (unless you have a rare disease).

But the reason this myth exists is that jumping rope improves our posture. This improved posture, which makes us walk upright, makes us appear taller. 

Great posture is one of the keys to increasing height. But with that being said, jumping rope a few times a month won’t be the answer to your problems. To make sure this process benefits you completely, and in the right way, you need to be consistent.

Does Swimming Make You Taller?

Another popular exercise people think they can get taller by is swimming. Like every other exercise that can help in improving your posture, swimming can help, too. Kids who develop a habit of swimming can turn out to be taller than other kids.

But is swimming truly the reason they grow taller? One major reason is that swimming at the end of the day is just an exercise like every other exercise. It helps in exhausting your body to the point you crave food. If a child gets into swimming at an early age, they can get the proper nutrition their body needs. This happens because of them craving food right after their exercise.

This brings us back to the basics yet again. Any exercise that exhausts you and makes you crave protein can contribute to you getting taller. Sure, swimming can contribute in a way because your spine is continuously stretched – but that happens in every exercise. 

Can Stretching Make You Taller?

While stretching can help your muscles relax and stretch your spine – it can’t help you grow taller. Our height and the how big our muscles can get ultimately depend on the food we consume and our genetics.

While there are many websites that “guarantee” increased height because of “amazing” products, our height is one of those factors of our body we have limited control over. The most you can do is save yourself from negative influences that stop you from reaching your potential height. But once you have reached your potential height, there isn’t much you can do to break this barrier.


Size Does Not Matter

Even though our height is something we are consciously worried about because the difference can be jarring at times – it really isn’t that big of a deal. How tall you are directly depends on your genes and your nutrition. If you’re trying to get as tall as you can get, eat good food and try not to get sick too often.

Remember, some of the most impressive people in the world’s history have been short, and your height will never be a deciding factor in the person you become. Make the most of the body you’re blessed with and remember: it doesn’t matter if the world looks down on you – no one ever wonders how tall Albert Einstein was!


I am a doctor and working as a research based Medical Writer and Editor for more than 8 years. Passion for writing and an excellent medical background are my strong points. I love to combine my two passions into a profession wherein I can write professional articles in the field of medicine, health, and nutrition.​