Subliminal messages include positive affirmations and thoughts that can be directly downloaded into your subconscious mind without any scrutiny and objection by your conscious mind.

Positive affirmations encoded into the subliminal messages can be effective vehicles for achieving established goals, self-improvement, and workplace motivation.

You must have noticed that these benefits are linked to the improved emotional health that comes from a positive attitude, which subliminal messaging can instill in your mind. Hence, it may seem far-fetched to think that this approach can provide any physical benefits and help to increase your height.

However, there are some ways by which subliminal can also work at the physical level and bring about an improvement in your height by working in an indirect manner.

If you are planning to try subliminal messages, read on to find whether this approach actually works and the various subliminal options available to you.

Does subliminal actually work?

Research studies have shown that subliminal messages work like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which affects the decision-making skills of the brain.

It is known that exercises, especially skipping a rope, cycling, and skipping, can help to increase the height of a person. However, most people are not able to stick to an exercise program due to reasons like lack of motivation and time constraints.

Heights Subliminals include messages that can impact your conscious and rational decision-making skills and allow you to choose the best exercise program aimed at improving your height.

This is an indirect benefit of subliminal messages that is believed to work by improving your determination to follow a physical training program.

Influence decisions

Subliminal messages may activate your ability to make decisions to start any exercise program to increase height without the involvement of any conscious thinking or efforts.

In one experiment, it was revealed that subliminally primed people expended more effort, especially when the subliminal primes were accompanied by visible positive stimuli. These findings have demonstrated our capacity to rely on the subconscious processes for motivating healthy behaviors even in the absence of awareness.

This means subliminal messages can exert a huge influence on our thoughts and behaviors. It would facilitate the subconscious processing of information related to the need to put in more effort to attain our goals.

With such a diverse impact, subliminally planted thoughts might have the potential to alter your decisions and motivate actions and efforts needed to increase your height.

Improve your performance

Increasing your height needs you to be physically active and have higher stamina and endurance to be able to exercise for a longer duration.

The longer you perform height-improving exercises or play sports like badminton and basketball, the better would be the results.

Recent research studies have revealed that subliminal messages could be beneficial in this case. Heights Subliminals can help you derive better results in a shorter duration by improving your ability to exercise or play for longer.

Subliminal messages can improve your stamina and endurance. As a result, you would be able to swim, cycle, or skip a rope for longer without feeling tired. This is another indirect benefit of subliminal messaging that would help you increase your height provided you put in the time and effort to exercise.

Encourage healthy dietary habits

The bones and other tissues in your body need proteins and calcium to grow. These nutrients support the faster development of tissues and help to increase your height.

The lack of proteins and calcium can slow down your body’s development and limit the growth spurts. Hence, it is advisable to include proteins and calcium in your diet to attain your goal of increasing height.

Subliminal messages are thought to be like a coach who motivates you to fight for your goal. Subliminal messages, by bypassing your conscious thinking, could even encourage you to change your dietary habits in order to help you achieve these goals.

One research study has revealed that using subliminal cues and action-related words had the biggest impact on the performance of participants. This indicates that subliminal cues could be effective when you are trying to choose healthy habits related to your diet to increase your height.  

It would enable your subconscious self to make the right choices of foods containing a rich amount of proteins and calcium thereby stimulating the growth spurts and supporting the development of bones.

These studies have indicated that subliminal messages have the potential to bypass the conscious mind that can otherwise resist you from making efforts to increase your height. However, these benefits of Heights Subliminals work in an indirect manner. There is no clinical evidence proving that Subliminals can directly help to increase your height.

These studies have shown that Subliminals basically work on the concept that your subconscious actions are less resistant compared to the conscious ones. Hence, hearing the affirmations repeatedly can train your subconscious mind to accept and imbibe the subliminal messages it receives through various modes. This is expected to speed up the results of your efforts to increase height.

Here are some affirmative messages commonly included in the Heights Subliminal programs:

  • I want to be taller.
  • I am taller.
  • I am growing taller.
  • I will continue to grow taller.
  • My healthy lifestyle will help me grow taller.
  • I will grow taller inch by inch every day.
  • My perfect posture will make me taller.
  • I stand tall and straight with my head up.
  • I am taller today than I was yesterday.
  • I love being taller.
  • My body is perfect.
  • Being taller is my advantage.
  • The sky seems closer today.

4 Ways To Use Heights Subliminals

1. Listen to subliminal messages during sleep

You can play Height Subliminals audiotapes when your mind is not occupied such as while sleeping. By playing the tapes while sleeping, you would be able to turn your 6 to 8 hours of sleep period into a seminar for personal development and motivation.

By exposing your brain to subliminal stimuli, you will be able to eliminate the stubborn issues that prevent you from working out to increase your height. It will also help you deal with the toxic inner voices that tempt you to skip your exercise routine frequently.

Within just a few moments of playing the subliminal audio, you would start feeling the negative thoughts leaving your mind. This would motivate you to stick to your height increasing program.

Besides this, subliminal messages may also improve the quality of your sleep. This would support the body’s growth and healing processes, which primarily occur during sleep. Research studies have shown that the processes linked to growth and development including the healing of damaged tissues, regeneration, and protein synthesis occur more efficiently when we are sleeping.

This is another benefit you would be able to derive by playing the subliminal tapes while sleeping.

Sleeping well at night will also help you feel fresh and more energetic during the daytime. This might improve your determination and stamina further thus providing better results for increasing your height.

2. Watch subliminal flashes

Watching subliminal messages transmitted visually on your computer screen is another good way to increase your height.

The visual messages appear as quick flashes of words and images on your computer screen. You just need to invest a few minutes a day to watch these visual messages.

The subliminal messages comprise of positive affirmations we discussed earlier. Being exposed to these affirmations over and over would allow you to reach your goal of increasing height more effectively.

3. Play subliminal messages during daytime

You can listen to subliminal messages during the daytime while you are awake.

During the daytime, your brain is active enough to process any new information. Most often, the brain accepts and stores any new information by learning it consciously. However, the new information can also enter the brain through subconscious learning by listening to subliminal tapes.

You can play the subliminal tapes while working on your tasks. It would let your brain receive the information non-stop allowing it to absorb the affirmative messages at the subconscious level.

You can play the Heights Subliminals audiotapes over several hours a day by maintaining a flowing stream of affirmative messages. If you have a busy schedule, you may limit it to about 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Let the audio of affirmative messages play as long as possible. Your brain would capture the suggestions and affirmations, even if you do not listen to them consciously. Repetition and consistency are the two keys here to physically rewire the neuronal pathways in the brain and succeed in your journey to increase height.

However, please note that you must avoid being too passive while using subliminal messages. You must also reflect on your habits and paradigms if you want to derive the expected results.

Here are some tips to follow while listening to Heights Subliminals tapes during the daytime.

Refrain from listening to subliminal tapes:

  • While driving or in a moving vehicle
  • About 30 minutes before and after driving
  • While doing tasks that require you to focus and pay full attention
  • When operating heavy machinery

4. Subliminal Notes

You can place subliminal notes at different places in your house to provide subtle encouragement to your subconscious mind. While doing your regular activities such as brushing your teeth and washing dishes, you can glance at these notes and pick up healthy concepts without actually focusing on them.

When you are busy with your routine activities during the day, your conscious mind may not seem to be focusing on those notes or reading them fully. Yet, their content would find access into your subconscious mind and stimulate you to work towards your goals.

Stick these notes at places where you work for a longer time. Some suggestions for such places include the front of the kitchen platform, sink, and work desk, dining area, bedside table, and couch in the living room.

Stick the notes at places where you will see them every day so that the messages are slowly and surely fixed into your subconscious mind. This would empower your desire to increase your height and increase your determination to work towards attaining your goals.


Information received subconsciously through Heights Subliminals could influence your exercise performance, physical stamina, and endurance and instill healthy dietary habits.

However, subliminal rewards would be effective in improving your height only when you put in the efforts to exercise and follow healthy dietary habits. Heights Subliminals will only work to the extent of improving your motivation, determination, and outlook.

You must consider these limitations when you start including Heights Subliminals in your efforts to increase your height.


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